Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day - Now have a drink!

 Booze and Barbecues - Dare I say there is nothing more Australian than that?  I love celebrating Australia day. The weather, from memory, is always glorious and all around our beautiful country groups of friends and families are perfecting the art of the backyard BBQ. Although our menu turns out more Mediterranean than Australian (hey - its a bunch of 4 euro's and a token asian!) we are Aussie kids through and through!
 I wanted to share some photos from the BBQ we had last weekend with our very best friends Steph, Lu and E. It was a lunch that was planned at the very last hour and we amazed ourselves at what we managed to pull together. The sun was out, and we hustled together to get food on the table - so as a result, the five of us ended up with a spread that would feed 20. Whoops! It just really proved that BBQ's are ingrained in our Aussie DNA and that when a webber and group of people are present - it just manifests! It was such a fun day and with the amount of food we consumed, we had to wait more that an hour before jumping in the pool.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lumpiang Shanghai for Kulinarya and some happy snaps from Manila

I have been looking forward to this month's Kulinarya Cooking Club Challenge. After ringing in the New Year and spending a week discovering culinary delights in the Philippines with Demos - I have come back recharged and all the more excited to share my favorite Filipino dishes here on our blog. This month's theme was sharing a dish "that you would most like to have on your birthday' (thanks, JenMaribel and Tressa!). So friends, behold my super easy family recipe for Lumpiang Shanghai.
I've been known to request this dish so many times when I was little - and standing in the kitchen patiently watching these filipino spring rolls being wrapped. This attentiveness has actually paid off because now I am the only one at home who can sucessfully wrap spring rolls in quick succession. Take a look at my handywork below:  

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cloudy Bay Fish Co & Via Del Corso, Westfield Sydney City

"I'm on a diet.. a see-food diet" Ahhh - we all know the end of that dad joke don't we? Seriously though, it is that time of year where everyone is on a health kick - and I myself have been living on tins of tuna and brown rice. Yes, at my office - lunch time is cat food time, we often compare what flavours of tuna we have (I'm a Serena chilli girl at heart) I think my body actually goes into tuna withdrawal on the weekend because I get massive cravings for fish around midday!
Most shopping trips in the city have centred around the shiny new Westfield. After trying out Charlie and Co. it was up to Cloudy Bay Fish Co to satisfy the cat food cravings! Walking up to the very snazzy counter a familiar orange bottle catches my eye - Veuve bubbles for a shopping break? - oooh wee! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tim Ho Wan, Michelin Star Dining in Mong Kok - Our first stop in Hong Kong

Our first trip to Hong Kong in 2009 was somewhat memorable - the better half (Gianna :) ) had chipped a molar tooth and leaving a nerve exposed. From first hand accounts this was excruciating to say the least. The inability to eat was replaced by excessive shopping and sightseeing, of course. We have been back in Sydney for at least a week and looking back - it has been the total opposite of our somewhat foodless first trip to Hong Kong. After a quick early morning nap (our flight landed at 5am - and if anything was open we would have headed there..) our first mission in HK was to have a meal at the famed Michelin Star Dim-Sum restaurant - Tim Ho Wan.
Unfortunately for us, the beds at our Hotel were far too comfortable and we overslept - starting the day just before lunchtime.. There was panic in both our faces. "We are going to hit the lunchtime rush". We both wanted Tim Ho Wan to be our first meal stop in Hong Kong to kick off the holiday, so although we were warned about the long wait for a seat - we headed to our destination. We found the small, unassuming restaurant easier than expected - after all the crowds were already gathered en masse outside. Our tummies already grumbling at this stage, we tried to curb our hunger pains with some canned coffee from the 7-11 across the road. It was going to be a long morning....
So this is how the waiting game goes - First, you have to hustle your way through the anxiously waiting crowd and get assigned a number by the host, or as we like to call her - our new friend the dragon lady. Although she doesn't seem very friendly at all - she is very efficient in getting the crowd moving and yelling at people who are blocking the neighbouring businesses. Dragon Lady hands us the english dimsum menu and writes the number '91' on our copy. We guard this piece of paper with our lives, as we stood outside until we were game enough to speak to Dragon Lady. "What number are you up to?" She points to her sheet of paper - "25" A friendly fellow hungry patron translates what was being said to us : "Come back in 2 hours". As expected from the world's most affordable Michelin star restaurant right?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goodbye 2010! Bring on 2011!

As we watched the ball drop right underneath Times Square in New York City last year - we knew 2010 was going to be huge..and it sure did not disappoint! We are a little bit delayed since we have been travelling since Christmas but we would like to wish you, our awesome readers - an awesome 2011 

We have just arrived back from Manila - spending new years in a city where fireworks and explosives are pretty much legal. We are back with all our limbs intact. We both cannot wait to share all our stories and food adventures (and there are sooo many) with you. We literally ate our way through Hong Kong and Manila resulting in both our suitcases and ourselves being over 10 kilos overweight.


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