Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chapter IV - The Journey Begins, Fetch My Map!

Being indecisive when fronted with choice; specifically when looking for somewhere to eat, things get somewhat heated between Gianna and I. More often than not our biggest arguments stem from the fact that we can't make a decision on where to go and if we do figure out where to go its another story when trying to decide what to eat. As silly as it sounds it's quite true. Enter the Good Food Guide 2010

Yes, SMH Good Food Guide 2010 has made life somewhat easier. Pick a page, pick a place and off we go. A very simple and effective formula. When ideas are hard to come by and inspiration is lacking, flicking through the guide really does help set the wheels in motion. To date 41 restaurants have been covered. Many arguments have been avoided and good food and good times have been had. All for the low price of $29.95 ($14.00 if you buy the Iphone app).

Originally the idea was to grab the book and use it as a guide to help sift through the myriad of restaurants and food establishments throughout the beautiful city of Sydney. So far that idea still stands. However......

Upon examining the guide in detail and looking through the index of restaurants, pouring through the contents and examining every page there was something missing. Where was China Doll?!? One of our favourite restaurants, a staple we stand by. Here's to attacking each restaurant one page at a time! 

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