Saturday, August 21, 2010

Death by Double Blueberry Cheesecake - and how not to make it.

Well, Hello to you too Mr Cheesecake! Looking at you now - I dont seem to be at all disapointed in the events that took place. Yes folks, I bastardised a perfect recipe by the wonderful chocolate folks at Lindt. "Excellence Blueberry Cheesecake" How could you not want to try baking that? An after seeing the recipie in last month's masterchef magazine, I thought - why not? Last Saturday, I was (and still am) recovering from painful dental procedures, so being unable to go out or eat, baking was a last resort.
"Blueberries are in season" yes, I knew this, but why on earth could I not find a punnett of fresh berries anywhere? Maybe because it was 6pm on a saturday and all the yummy organised mummies would have completed their shopping, thus depleting the produce at my local Coles. Sara Lee frozen berries it was, and we know that frozen fruit is not always the best.

As I prepare out the ingredients, we realised that in the Demos household, the food processor is broken. Out came the malet. Yes, the mallet - used for flattening the chicken and veal schnitzels, and now for crumbling the buscuit needed for the crust.
We also had to hand-whisk the cream, for lack of a mixer and use a cake tin that was far too big! The recipie called for the New Lindt Blueberry Intense chocolate - which was delicious! I dont think there was the right amount of chocolate in the cake itself because a few sneaky chunks were stolen.

Exhaustion and bad judgement started to kick in. "I really cant be bothered baking this..Im looking for a no-bake cheesecake alternative" Thank god for the trusty Ipad, and the Philladelphia no-bake cheescake recipe we did some off the cuff alterations.  
May have also burnt myself when melting chocolate. Fail.
This cheesecake is what I would describe as a double decker cheesecake. You have the biscuit base, and the first layer is the chocolate cheesecake. This is where the melted blueberry chocolate is mixed with 1/2 of the cheesecake mixture and gets plonked over the base. Because our cake tin was far too big, the layers were not as thick as I wanted them to be. Fail # 31.
The second layer then goes in after the chocolate, and this is just the non fancy  no bake cheesecake mixture. Again, another thin layer, another dissapointment.. I absolutely bombard the cake with my frozen blueberries, to try and preserve my baking dignity. If my grandmother, aka, the ultimate baking goddess saw this - she would disown me.
Demos got his little serve to attack, and I get my cheesecake mix - all smiles now. The big cheesecake was supposed to just sit overnight in the fridge - it seemed like a good idea at the time to but it in the freezer chest...and then we forgot about it. And then there was frozen cheesecake. Ugh.
So im left with the washing up. Demos decides to play around with the camera and he calls this piece "The life of Demos with Gianna getting angry in the background"
The next morning was taste test time! This is kitteh, she wanted to get involved with the cake too. If only she knew about the ordeal. The cake, once thawed, was quite delicious. It was not super-sickly sweet, and the blueberry chocolate through it was so good! 

I blame the pain meds for this minor fizzle in the baking department. I don't profess to be a culinary pro, the fridge has always been empty, BUT I'm always keen to try new recipes. Like anything, it just has to be made with lots of love and preparation is always the key. Here's to the second attempt - I might just stick to my grandma's classic sweets, they always help make the pain go away!

You can find Lindt's Excelence Blueberry Cheesecake recipe HERE and the Philadelphia No-Bake Cheesecake recipe HERE (minus the Oreo's for my cake, but it sure looks good as well). Hope you have better luck than I do, just add love! So foodies of the world, tell me - Any baking skeletons in the closet you would like to share with us?


angel said...

I loved it and almost a week later, still getting bits and pieces from the fridge!

Gianna said...

Why thank you mother :) And i'm sorry again for using frozen Blueberries

Rhonda (thedaintybaker) said...

hahaha sounds a typical bake session in my kitchen! well done tho! the final product looks delicious!

Gianna said...

Thanks Rhonda! yay - you are back from your holiday :)

the ninja said...

looks pretty good nonetheless, a good beating always helps in my opinion ;)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Frozen berries can work - just a matter of thawing them beforehand so that they don't bleed everywhere, unless that's the desired effect of course! And I make cakes that are way too flat all the time =p

Gianna said...

Thanks guys! Ill be more prepared the next time and hopefully the use of the mallet wont be necessary.

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