Thursday, December 23, 2010

Greek Keftedes & the Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic

There are a million things I have to do right now - and on top of the list is packing. You see, we thought it was a smart idea at the time to book a flight on Christmas night. Yes, on the evening of the 25th we are boarding a plane at 10:00 pm..this is a guess a I haven't even printed the itinerary. Unfortunately, between finishing up everything at work, catching up with friends before the holidays and not to mention the 2 Christmas eve dinners and 2 Christmas day lunches between both Demos and My families - the last thing I want to do is the necessary - so I procrastinate! Here's hoping the magical elves pack my suitcase while I write up this post!
 A few weekends ago, the a few very lovely members of the  Sydney Food Blogging community (seen fiercely posing in the photo above care of Simon @theheartoffood) all joined forces to bring some Christmas cheer to Centennial Park. Organised by Helen @grabyourfork and Suze @chocolatesuze - it was a fun afternoon filled with delicious food, fun games and awesome company! Behold the sweet treats and prepare for hunger pains! The dish we brought to the Picnic were homemade Greek Meatballs - aka Keftedes. I don't even think that I can even say that "we" brought this dish - since the only contribution I made to the cause was a hand written sign saying what they were. Yes, it was all by Demos, who spent the morning rolling each serve, frying them, and organising everything down to the Christmas napkins and placemat.
I will add the secret family recipe at the end of this post - I don't think Demos' yia yia and pa pou wil be too happy about that though :) So for some distraction - check out some of the treats that were on the day...
Strawberry Santas by Ayana ; Peacan Pies with Brandy Cream and Caramel by Rhonda @TheDaintyBaker - so festive!
 White Chocolate wontons with a pine nut and rosemary praline beautifully presented by John @heneedsfood and the amazing macaron tower by Cleony @Ieatsweet
 Cupcakes by Angie @angielivestoeat and the tray that did have 2 racks of ribs by Billy @atablefortwo Yup - the ribs went in a flash! You snooze you loose!
Of course Rhonda managed to score the coveted last piece! 
Santa and Elf cupcakes by Kay B @Kaybscakes and the photo of the massive spread.
The beginning of the downfall - Macaron tower getting attacked by Suze and Shez @onebitemore - busted!
 Cheesecake on a brownie by Gaby @lateraleating and Santa again!
Super delicious Christmas Meringues by Jacq @penguinsaysfeedme and Mini Christmas pudding by Vivian @vxdollface These mini treats are so adorable!

 (photo above from Ayana - thanks!)
Demos's Keftedes - Greek Beef Meatballs
-500 grams minced beef
-1 Large Carrot
-1 Large Zucchini
-2 Tomatoes
-1 Onion 
-3 Large Eggs
-1 Cup Breadcrumbs
-Chopped Parsley to suit
-1/2 Tablespoon Dried Oregano
-1 Tablespoon Sumac
-Salt and Pepper to taste
-Using the fine side of a Grater, Grate the Carrot, Zuccihini, Tomato and Onion into one large bowl.
-Mix through the minced beef
-Add the breadcrumbs and eggs and then mix through.
-Add all the spices and herbs and mix through so that all the ingredients are distributed evenly.
-Shape into balls the size of a 50 cent piece
-In a pan, heat just enough oil for a very shallow fry. Cook until brown.
-If you decide to make them larger - you can shallow fry the pieces and them finish it off on a baking tray inside a 150 degree centigrade oven - with time depending on the size.
-Serve with a big greek salad and a shot of ouzo. Yiamas (cheers!)

Domo came out too, and got a bit excited. I was also actually able to find one of my favourite Cider variety - Escanciado Cidra. I absolutely got hooked on it at Bloodwood however found that it was hard to find around town - so thank god for CBD Cellars who stock it! Its THE summer refreshment! Although I did feel a bit bad for not bringing any Gianna Sangria this time around!

Everyone had such a great time chatting away and mucking about with the Kris Kringle presents. At one stage - Demos and I were ready to do a runner when we got the Cakewich and Ninja Bread men. 

A big thank you again to Helen and Suze for organising the day - check out Suze's post here for a full list of atendees. It was so good to catch up with everyone and put face to blogs I stalk everyday :) It's always fun to get into the holiday spirit with  big group of food loving people - Isn't that what Christmas is ll about? Food? Happy Holidays everyone.. and just so you know - the luggage packing elves never arrived tonight. Dammit!


Phuoc'n Delicious said...

Nice write up. I'm eagerly waiting for this recipe and it's ultra awesome that it's a secret family recipe, it makes me want it even more! The keftedes were so yummy, good on you Demos for making them and sharing it with us.

I hope you guys have a brilliant holiday chilling and of course stuffing your face. Merry xmas love

Trissa said...

The keftedes were raved about by Peter so am sure they were delicious. Where is the recipe?!!?

Laura said...

love your photographs guys, you two are awesome. i love ya both!

enjoy honkers

MelbaToast said...

Love your B&W photos! I hope the keftedes recipe is really simple as I want to give them a try at home...great to meet you guys at the picnic.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Merry Christmas and have a great time overseas, guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie a recipe!!

Have a great holiday!!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wow they look like they were a real hit Gianna! :o :D

chocolatesuze said...

teehee domo domo domo! merry xmas gianna and demos!

Gianna@TheEmptyFridge said...

Thanks guys - the recipe is so quick and easy, both to make AND eat!

Anonymous said...

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