Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Workshop Espresso, Sydney CBD

Maybe its my optimistic nature that helps me believe that a great coffee and a hit of carbs can turn the most awful of days around. Okay, I do skate the thin border between caffiene afficionado and full blown coffee bean fiend..but there is no doubt that sitting down and enjoying a good brew can bring even the most dazed and confused zombies back to normal.
Workshop Espresso is the at the halfway point between my office and Demos' building. Sure is convenient! Located within the Galleries Victoria complex on George Street, right across QVB is this small hole in the wall with a super strong following. In the short time I've been working in the city, there has never been a time where I have been the only one waiting for a coffee alone and without a line.
You could easily walk past this unnasuming nook in the heart of town without noticing is, that is, if it wasn't for the faithful following queued up for a caffeine fix. Before work, at Lunch or to help combat the standard 3:30 pm mush - Workshop Espresso saves CBD zombies one espresso at a time.
Turkey and Crispy Pancetta toasted roll, $9.50 Picollo Latte, $3.50
Now I did briefly mention earlier that carbs, just like caffeine can turn a day around. This Turkey Roll is perfectly built with Sonoma bread which is stocked on hand. This roll can satisfy the biggest of lunchtime carb cravings with the salty crunch of the pancetta and lean turkey slices. But if your feeling a little precious at the start of the day, I'd say that this would cure a mean hangover too.
I know we Empty Fridgers need to change it up a bit with out coffee selection but I have no doubt in my mind that I will always be a picollo drinker. Full Fat/Leaded milk because I CBF asking for skim! After numerous visits, I realise that I am so at one with the Workshop Espresso following. The flavour is rich and bold hitting you with gusto and leaving a faint flavour to linger, putting an end to those caffiene cravings.
I do enjoy escaping to this little cafe when there is an opportunity to get out of the office. Light fills up the long and narrow space and reflects all throughout the warehouse inspired interior, reflected in the corrugated steel walls. This actually gives the cafe a sense of warmth, especially as you perch up on the bar stools and watch city life buzz by.

On a recent visit, we were given complimentary jam doughnuts with our coffee and lunch - so not only did we get our coffee hit, a sugar rush comes into the picture as well. Just had to add these in the post because if anything can brighten up a day, surely jam doughnuts will do the trick!

They serve a tomato and avocado bruschetta on toasted sonoma sourdough bread for $8.90. Its a quick and light snack to have and I do love that taste of sourdough bread. Again, the carbs manage to bring me back from the land of Zombie! I haven't noticed any massive changes to the menu when I visit but there is a great range of expertly crafted sandwiches on offer, as well as traditional pastries and baked desserts. Since these are all on display, it will be very hard to say no!
Workshop Espresso serve a special "Workshop Blend" of Toby's Estate beans,  which you can purchase to get that steady caffeine fix at home. Like several cafe's of late, there are also Single Origin beans available. The relaxing smell of coffee just fills up the room as the beans are proudly displayed at any free spot in the store.
Assuming that the majority of customers visit purely for the coffee, I think that Workshop Espresso shouldnt be overlooked for a delicious snack offering. The sandwiches just take me to carb heaven, and that sonoma bread just sorts out any hunger, at any time of the day. The service is not intrusive at all, and I find it such a pleasant venue to enjoy a good espresso and get lost in the coffee bean goodness. So if you after some major de-zombifying after having one of "those" days, do yourself a favour and come up for air. Smell the coffee beans while you're at it too! 
Workshop Espresso, Sydney CBD - Galleries Victoria
Workshop Espresso on Urbanspoon

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Anonymous said...

That roll looks so tempting. I don't care much about the sweets, though.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

I've been wanting to come here for so long - it looks so inviting - but it's just a tad too far for a daily coffee :(

Laura said...

this place looks incredibly tempting. i'm thinking i'll have to come over the bridge (pyrmont that is) for that bruschetta!

MissPiggy said...

I hear you re the morning coffee hit - I had mine this morning, but I think it's wearing off. I need too look out for this place next time I'm in the city - not noticed it before.

Jacq said...

Love Workshop Espresso and you're definitely right about there always being a line, even at 5pm! Never tried any of the sandwiches or snacks from there but the coffee is damn good.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

That is one seriously-sized roll! And complimentary sweets are always welcome. (It's a wonder I didn't get lured by strangers offering it as a child =p)

P.S. I think this is the most times I've clocked "zombie" or any variants of it in the one post!

Dumpling Girl said...

The jam doughnuts look like the ones from Tamborino, I am so there tomorrow. Thanks for sharing, I really need a jelly doughnut fix :)

Anonymous said...

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