Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chapter I - The Journey Begins..

The Odyssey. Not Homer's. Just ours.

A long and otherwise arduous journey that began 2 years ago. Well not really arduous, we like our food and where it takes us. As you may have already gathered at this point this is a blog about food. Food food food nom nom noms. An avid interest shared between the two of us that all began with a discussion over coffee, Frangellico, cigarettes and one fateful late night sandwich.

Ever since its been an epic ordeal, being kept on my toes to source new places to eat, sights to see and things to do. Hence the Odyssey. We couldn't think of a more fitting title. The Empty Fridge on the other hand is as said. The Empty Fridge - void of any food both fresh and preserved pushed us into leaving the comforts of home to appease a certain person's unrelenting appetite.

All this having been said there is more to us than eating and taking pretty photos of food. Gianna takes pretty cool photos of other stuff too. We travel around (to eat), we sit around (and eat) and we go out on little adventures (and then we eat). Fortunately, there is some sporadic non sedentary activity thrown in the mix so physicians have no fear.

There is quite a backlog of photos and adventures to share, so watch this space and we hope you enjoy The Odyssey as we do.


P.S this is Domo. Guest appearances to follow.

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bettaninja said...

I just came across your blog, very nice! Definitely book marked a few places to visit. Noticed your Domo which I saw on another site - baked for dessert - too cute:


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