Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chapter II - Every Journey Needs an Iphone

Perseus would have found Medusa's lair much sooner had there been GPS in Ancient Greece, and I'm sure an App would have been handy for giving the trojans directions on building a wooden horse.

I owe many of my food escapades to my iphone (and if I had a blackberry or nokia, I would be doing the same..)

Often, its a case of urbanspoon-ing a bar/restaurant, google mapping the address, gps-ing the drive there (I absolutely have no sense of direction), maybe a funds transfer here and there, taking a happy snap with the camera and boom! its uploading it on Facebook - with a tweet or two before we even get home. Im sure I can be without it, but most nights my status update is my mom's indication on whether i'll be home for dinner.

I would like to think that this that this blog is an expansion and album solely dedicated food dates - appropriately titled : Nom Nom Nom

But of course, its Demos' idea to pursue blogging. I think he just wants to keep my me occupied because forcing him to watch re-runs of Iron Chef can get quite boring after a while. Many people say blogging is the new black, and every guy and their dog has a food, fashion, photography blog. Having this finally come into fruition - what the hell is one more? Back in the days of dial up internet I was quite the blogger, mostly teen angst and cringe-worthy nowdays. On the positive note, I think I have impressed Demos with my pro old school html skills. 

This is probably why there are so many blogs out there, its just so easy nowdays. Blogging and over-sharing can be quite addictive (again, looking back cringing). I plan to forcefully drag Demos into as many food adventures as I can, and have this blog and my trusty iphone to document the experience. That way, when my jeans don't fit, I know which dessert to blame.

If there is one thing that I love more than bacon, its taking photographs. Buying shoes is up there, but thats another story. Thank goodness for the mediocre iphone camera, together with the Lomo application - its documented yummy meals and memories a-plenty.

I shall post my favourites shortly.
Until then.

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