Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moncur Terrace, Woollahra (Let's do Brunch - SIFF 2010)

Yes, its all about Back-to-Back Brunches here at The Empty Fridge, and on a beautiful sunny saturday morning in Sydney we headed for a yummy brekky feed at Moncur Terrace.

As we were walking through leafy Woollahra, we were practically melting! It honestly felt like the middle of summer at 11 am, and there were several sun-hungry people who had their beach bags in tow and walked past us heading towards Bondi. Although I would have loved to spend the morning laying at the beach, we were hungry for some Brunch - the sun will still be out the rest of the day, we thought.
Moncur Terrace is a very casual and relaxed Bistro at the Woollahara Hotel. As we sit down inside the now sun-filled outdoor garden area, we can't help but joke that it's the poor-man's Bistro Moncur.. especially as we are here on a mission to try their $25 'Let's do Brunch Special'. This makes choosing what to eat that much easier - and my $25 "meal" came with a glass of Brown Brothers Prosecco. Champagne or Sparkling wine Breakfasts are perfectly fine in my books. However, you can choose between a glass of Prosecco, a glass of Coopers light, bottle of  Aqua Panna still water or San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral water if you prefer.

Demos's asks me: "I know it's not even midday yet - but they have Peroni on tap here". As I look around, our fellow brunch-ers are already hitting the vino and the beers - so let the man have his Peroni! Although I would have preferred a coffee with my meal, the Prosecco is a light and crisp prelude - I'm not a fan of Prosecco at the best of times (I have this weird aversion to anything overly carbonated, I don't drink cola at all!) but I enjoyed sipping my breakfast bubbles under the very very hot sun. Oh yes, we should re-name this blog to "Dezza and Gezza - the boozehounds" 
The dish that Bistro Moncur offer for the "Let's do Brunch" event are their Sweet Corn Fritters with Barossa Bacon, Poached egg, Avocado and caramelized onion on toasted sonoma bread. My main concern when having corn fritters is that some places might add a sneaky bit of coriander in the batter, and coriander is my kryptonite. So because of this silly food allergy of mine I always have to check and yay! I have the green light!

Look at that perfectly poached runny egg! Corn Fritters are my absolute favourite breakfast dish and the the Moncur Terrace version is absolutely delicious!  The fritters batter itself is sweet - like a hotcake - and not floury at all. The kernels of sweet corn are a welcome burst of flavour, and I smash up some avocado to go with it - creamy goodness! The caramelized onion were sweet and mushy, and spread like a thick butter on the bread. Bacon always adds that salty punch, and this is a very lean piece. I could have done with an extra rasher and a bigger piece of bread, but its all about quality here and not quantity so I cant be Ms. greedy guts. Besides, I need to practice my portion control  ;D
Wagyu Burger - $23.00

Demos decides to skip a traditional breakfast meal as soon as he see's Wagyu Beef Burger on the Menu - with a his beer in hand he has such a huge grin on his face as soon as this towering burger arrives. 
 This has to be one of the better Wagyu burgers we have had. At $23 dollars, it does not dissapoint with its melt in your mouth patty. The minced wagyu rump is absolutely delicious and juicy. It is perfectly seasoned and stacked with all the trimmings - pickles, beetroot, tomatoes...everything you can see in the cross section above was delicious down to the last crumb of the bun. Demos even cut me a little quarted and plonked it on my plate "There - that way you can't say I dont share." True love is sharing your Wagyu Burger, and not just the shoestring fries on the side.
Yes, my inner child cannot help it when there is a squeeze-y bottle of ketchup nearby
 Although Moncur Terrace offers just one yummy dish with minimal bells and whistles for the Brunch Special, the quality was top notch and I would visit again to try the other dishes they had on offer. By the time we finished our meal though, the storm clouds were hovering around us - which was very confusing as we were still a little sunburnt from sitting in the sunshine while enjoying our awesome meal. Lucky for us, the torrential downpour started as soon as we got into our cars. Our afternoon of sitting by the pool went up in smoke, but at least our tummies were satisfied. Win Win. 
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The Woollahra Hotel, 116 Queen St Woollahra 2025 02-93279777

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mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Thanks for the preview! Husband and I were going to pop in for brunch here today, but will probably give it a miss due to the weather (and him having to fix his PC). Perhaps next weekend though...

A cupcake or two said...

The poached eggs made my mouth water. Now I feel like some poached eggs with some toast. Oh dear. Lovely lovely shots Gianna.

chocolatesuze said...

mmm wagyu burger cross section!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Yummo! How do the corn fritters compare to Bills?

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Mmm I love a good brunch! This one looks like a winner Gianna! :D

Anonymous said...

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